Here is Leftfield opening their set at Kentish Town Forum with Bad Radio (the heavy one ft TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe on vocals). Although a very simple lightshow, it did a great job of referencing the current album Alternative Light Source‘s artwork.

Also… Kraftwerk #justsayin


It isn’t exactly John Williams level photography… but screw it, I was too busy dancing like a maniac to the Phat Planet bass. John, who had been in the photo pit the previous night had warned me about the bone-shattering bass. Did I mention the bass? #BASS #MASSIVEBASS


Incongruously enough, the duo walked on stage to Talking Heads Once In A Lifetime. Surely this was the house selection on random rather than a conscious choice from Neil & Paul? Regardless, the punters soaked it up and sang along to their heart’s content. This may or may not have had anything to do with the copious amount of drugs I witnessed people take at this gig. The sheer quantity of mdma-saturated sweat that I was showered with by face-chewing shirtless ex-ravers / now middle aged estate-agents was enough to keep me off paracetamol for a decade.