On this chilly grey summer (ha!) morning, my ears and soul were enveloped in a warm blanket of dulcet harmonies pouring out of my radio, courtesy of The Middle East.

These Townsville kids sure have what it takes to pluck heartstrings and play us like puppets. When indulging in the 2009 Recordings of The Middle East EP I tend to get lost in their deeply passionate alternate reality and fall at the mercy of every emotive whim.
Track 1: crumple in tears. ✔
Track 2: spirits bolstered with triumphant promise. ✔
Track 3: yearn bitterly for relationships lost. ✔
Track 4: exalt in the bliss of solitude ✔ … and so forth.

On to new tunes however… Jesus Came To My Birthday Party is the first track released off their globally anticipated debut album due early-mid 2011. It encapsulates all those things that makes us so fond of The Middle East: tenderly poignant celebrations of youth, stunningly simple acoustic guitar, the odd whistle, and a touch of buoyant humour (unless they were deadly serious about Jesus’ aforementioned second coming in FNQ).

Give it a whirl below: