I’d like to have a Jens Lekman song written for me.

It would be about grazing my knees riding my bike, accidentally butt-dialing my friend from kindergarten, & going to the dentist… accompanied by a full string orchestra.

One of my earliest & most potent memories of EMI occurred in mid 2007 when a promo copy of Jens Lekman’s Night Falls Over Kortedala was casually dropped on my desk. As the opening track And I Remember Every Kiss poured through my headphones, I began to cry as the unpretentious majesty of the track sprawled out before me. Quite simply, it’s orchestral Bacharach-esque magic.

I have tried to recapture and describe that awe many times since, but have come to the conclusion that unfortunately, no one can be told what the Lekman is. You have to hear him for yourself.