Who says streaming is just for kids?

Composed is a classy-as-hell classical music streaming service built for grown-ups by grown-ups. It takes advantage of the entirely unique metadata structure of classical music and presents the right content the way it should be presented. It filters out the bazillion amateur recordings out there* and focuses on the greatest premiere artist recordings available. It’s curated by classical music experts but it’s not snooty or niche. In short, it’s an absolute joy to use and it’s sexy as hell.

I’m incredibly proud to be an integral part of this project. We launched Composed earlier this year in conjunction with ClassicFM (the world’s largest classical radio station) as the exclusive digital home of the ClassicFM Hall of Fame countdown. This involved a surprisingly pleasant 4 day long weekend in the Global Radio Leicester Sqr offices watching our analytics go apeshit in realtime each time the service was announced on-air, and updating the content within the service every hour. I may have designed some packshots for Final Fantasy game scores during this period.

We (UMG UK / Decca Classics / Deutsche Grammafon) built the service with London/NYC digital innovation agency Made By Many who I’m glad to say are shit hot at what they do. Now Composed’s own very talented developers manage the product.


Grab your 30 Day free trial at composed.com. We’re only available in the UK, but that’s not for long.

* Most classical is Public Domain, so any Joe Blo with Garageband can record & digitally release their own version murdering Nessun Dorma.