The Chemical Brothers’ Hold Tight London, live in Trafalgar Square in 2007.

This video was at least 50% responsible for me moving across the other side of the world. No words.

Their live shows induce a sublime manic euphoria… not because they churn out hectic dance tracks (anyone can get fucked up to heavy bass & BPM), but because their epics walk the fine line between delicate visceral beauty and driving primal beats.

Where Do I Begin on Dig Your Own Hole (1997) has stayed with me since the first time I heard it as a teenager. It creeps in tenderly, closing out in a cacophonic explosion of abrasive distortion. This is where their genius lies.

Also try: Surface To Air, The Golden Path, Out Of Control, and best of all The Test (ft. Richard Ashcroft and Holly Weston on the most peaceful in-club acid trip in history):