So far this year I have, in no particular order:

  • Gotten sodden wet on a 20 person harbour jetboat ride with Damon Albarn & Gorillaz.
  • Sung & danced on the main stage in front of 15K punters at Soundwave Festival.
  • Wandered on stage just as the curtain was about to drop for Iron Maiden’s headline set at Soundwave (& subsequently been screamed at by their stage mgr).
  • Danced like crazy while Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode) remixed Blur, Goldfrapp, Joy Division, Hurts, La Roux, Gossip, & Nirvana… a set that was bookended by Depeche classics Behind The Wheel and Enjoy The Silence.
  • Witnessed Sleigh Bells with AB and The Middle East with Kelly.
  • Presented 30STM with Gold & Platinum awards & Iron Maiden with 1 Million AU albums sold plaques.
  • Been ill a whole lot but have worked from home & relished Surry Hills sunshine, familiar faces, & free wi-fi.
  • Had Jack Thompson randomly turn up to a house party at my place.
  • Experienced TOOL live at the Myer Music Bowl at dusk & laughed at Craig going apesh*t to “Stinkfist”.
  • Conducted a vaguely intelligent & confident conversation with Andrew Haug.
  • Cycled around the Melbourne Docklands, danced to Mark Ronson in the dinosaur exhibit of the Melb Museum, visited the stunning La Trobe Read Room, & drunk Swedish cider with Lucy in tiny obscurely hidden laneway bars.
  • Sprinted drunk through an airport terminal in a romantic-comedy-esque wind-in-hair fashion to catch my plane of fellow TOOL fans home.
  • Swam in a rooftop pool at midnight with a view of the whole city after a 40*C+ day.
  • Pissed off a whole bunch of triple j peeps by “pre-announcing” the winners of the Hottest 100, the biggest music poll in the world. (it really really really was just a logical guess).
  • Helped Sparkadia get Talking Like I’m Falling Down Stairs to #24 on the 2010 Hottest 100.
  • Drunk tequila shots from an ice sculpture at the Rolling Stone Awards.
  • Climbed onto Luke’s very steep roof above Oxford St at 3am & helped him pack for LDN whilst listening to Supergrass’s Moving. (sob)
  • Gotten so messy at Luke’s farewell that I was wandering Paddington barefoot at dawn & had to take 3 days off work.
  • Bought a ticket for the PULP-headlined Electric Picnic festival in Ireland.

…and it’s only February.