Arguably my favourite band ever, TV on the Radio – responsible for my favourite EP, Young Liars – performed at Oslo in Hackney this evening. It was a true highlight of the year.

Live, the band are always more frenzied and frantic than their music truly deserves. However the recorded versions capture the true intention: Young Liars & Staring At The Sun are hymns of tranquility meditative calm, a slow pendulum of distortion fuzz – and should be played with such reverence. They feel like an enveloping codeine buzz; a warm pins & needles on your lips.

I have returned to this EP, time and time again in difficult moments in my life; locking myself inside a blanket of warm vibration, away from whatever crumbiness existed outside. The name of this site, Calmer Than Cream, is buried in the lyrics below.

Thus my hopes were raised when I noted Nick Zinner entering the venue, as he is responsible for the lush extended fuzz-laden, EP version intro of Staring… It would promise a true rendition. Please jump on stage, please…

Sadly Nick remained in the audience. Nonetheless it was an incredible gig. Thank you for this tonight. Thank you. Thank you.

Young Liars

My mast ain’t so sturdy
My head is at half
I’m searching the clouds for the score

My lady avails herself
Of marked down freedom
Forever cashed out to no more

She put the blam in the blame
Bullets bearing the name
Of each tigress who’s left you a tooth
Save the skins for a pelt
And the rest for a belt
That can’t open
No nothing
Can’t open
No nothing

Young liars
Thank you for taking my hands

Well it’s cold and it’s quiet
And cobblestone cold in here
Fucking for fear of not wanting
To fear again
Lonely is all we are
Lovely so far
But my heart’s still a marble
In an empty jelly jar

Someday suppose that my
Curious nervousness
Spills into prescience
Clairvoyant consciousness
I will be calmer than cream
Making maps out of your dreams

But will psychic ability
Clinch the nativity
Or simply diminish the flinch

Oh young liars
Thank you for taking my hands

And burying them deep
In the world’s wet womb
Where no one can heed their commands

Except young liars

Voice string trombone
Pull me forward onward
To the sea

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