As a 14 year old student, my history teacher sat our entire school year down on the floor of our largest classroom, switched off the lights, told us to close our eyes, & blasted out A Day In The Life from The Beatles ‘ St Peppers… on a crumby classroom boombox. My tiny young mind was blown.

16 years later, I’m in Studio II at Abbey Road with work: The Beatles in Mono vinyl remasters playback. It’s on a £300K sound system & I have a beer in hand. Next to me is the weathered old Challen upright piano used on Magical Mystery Tour & The White Album. In front of me are a glamorous elderly couple very much in love, nodding vigorously & nearly in tears. Up front are Ken Scott (the original recording engineer who started working on those albums when he was 16) and the lovely Sean Magee who remastered them. Various tracks across the catalogue are played back, all sounding spectacularly warm & heavy – Helter Skelter in particular… but the most important is the Sgt Peppers reprise into A Day In The Life.

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